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Intimate Options is a Relationship, Intimacy and Sex Coaching practice and retailer of premium quality adult sex toys. We specialise in providing a safe, confidential and judgement – free zone for our clients to openly explore and reconnect with who they really are. We are passionate about assisting our clients to overcome limiting beliefs preventing them from experiencing empowering relationships and sex from a place of unconditional self love, connection and intimacy.

What Is Sex Coaching

Sex coaching is present centered unlike traditional forms of therapy that involves the past. A traditional therapist will go back deep into the past to find out ‘Why’ a client may have a sexual concern. Most Therapists do not make active suggestions , give advice or for an example , accompany a client on a sexual field trip outside the office. a sex coach is about the ‘How’ to do and the ‘What you can do’.

When coaching it involves the present taking you forward into the future. It will only touch on the past to find out a core issue to take it forward into your present so you can change your own outcome.

A sex coach will focus on what the issue is now and how the client can move forward into a better space for happier future .

Sex Coaching is dynamic , with the sex coach playing an interactive role.

Sex coaching is a fluid process a sex coaching action plan is creative work in progress .

The sex coach and the client are equal parts of the team. It is a collaboration.

The sex coach is independence -oriented and empowerment focused. The Client is not dependent on the sex coach.

The sex coach guides the client to make changes while the client puts them into action.

Sex coaching is mostly a cognitive -behavioral approach and can involve esoteric practices.

Sex coaching allows for flexibility in the length and periodicity of sessions.

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