About Claire

Claire is coaching, running workshops and doing bodywork for many couples, single men and single women. What a wonderful celebration of becoming more in touch with your sexuality, enjoying more intensified orgasms, having deeper intimate communication with your partner or lover and changing the old belief patterns that have held you back from experiencing more of who you really are.

Living through  her own experience and continuing studies on Sexology, Sex Coaching, Life Coaching, NLP, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Quodoshka, Reiki, bodywork, human behaviors and mindset.

Claire has since co-authored a book called ‘You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams’ her chapter is on Female sexuality and intimacy. It is full of useful activities and skills to help women understand more about their own anatomy, sexual energy and how to have a better sex life .

The more Claire has learnt and studied the more she realizes how little she knew about sex and how sex would take her own journey of discovering more about herself and who she really is as a sexual being. Now passionately committed Claire is assisting others to become fully connected with their own sexual selves and to create harmonious and loving relationships. You will feel free to be self expressed totally around Claire’s openness, loving, inspiring and encouraging nature.

I am not defined by labels because as a person I wear many hats.

Many people have asked me what had lead me into sex coaching.

Here is my story in brief.

I started my coaching journey 27 years ago as a match maker in Australia’s leading dating agencies. Back then I was a young confident teenager. I would assist and help equipped men and women desiring to meet their perfect match with valuable skills on how to interact with their dates, present themselves for dates, communicate effectively with their dates, and how to release past relationships and un-resourceful behavioral patterns preventing them from connecting with their ideal partner. After 8 years in this industry I ventured out to do massage, sales and marketing then a Real Estate Sales agent.

It wasn’t until my near fatal motor bike accident that lead me to a new path in assisting people that have experienced trauma and sexuality issues.

At 37 years old I separated from my husband. I wanted more out of life as I was living in a loveless marriage. After being in a co-dependent marriage for over 10 years I wanted to know who I really am and what I really wanted to archive in life.I questioned myself many times, how do I want to live my life? What does my ideal life look like? I was living my life running around a wheel with not a lot of meaning, life just became mundane.

I continued in Real Estate for the next six months , I did love Real Estate at time, but it wasn’t singing to me either. I wanted a challenge in life, I didn’t know what that was so I went looking for one. I decided to do the 100 km walk of the Kokoda trail in New Guinea with 19 men I didn’t know. Getting fit and preparation for training was a daily practice and here I became super fit with a wonderfully hard body and fantastic abdominal muscles. My preparation for the Kokoda trail is what helped save my life a few months later. Be careful what you put out into the universe ‘so the saying goes’ if your not specific on what you want when asking  the universe  it will pick up on exactly what you put out. I wanted a challenge in life, and that is what I received. Even though I thought it was walking the Kokoda trail the universe had other plans for me .

On January the 27th 2007 my life was about to change in a blink of an eye. That afternoon, I was going for a motorbike ride to the north side of Perth , as a learner and a little nervous riding in built up areas didn’t help on this day .To be honest, I cannot remember a thing, this is what was told to me. Somehow I hit the curb on the side of the road and accelerated over the Island into two lanes of oncoming traffic and landed on the windscreen of a car. With an impact of 140 km  an hour I was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

After a short while I started to breath again and was hooked up to life support. It was touch and go over a few weeks and  five major internal operations. One Doctor said to me that having strong abdominal muscles certainly helped saved my life as they protected my organs.  My pelvis was a smashed open book , the tank of the bike had almost split me in half with  two large lacerations cutting me straight through the middle . The whole right side of my body was black and blue. This caused me to have no feeling from the waist down and right side of the body for over 18 months.The next few years I suffered with nerve pain and still do on the occasion now. When I was laying flat on my back for 3 months in Rehabilitation, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. A life Coach friend of mine, Croz, came to visit me in hospital, that is when I knew I wanted to be a coach and help other people that have experienced trauma.

Luckily my learnings from John Kehoe’s Mind Powers program, I did back in 1986, helped me heal myself through using visualizations and affirmations. As I didn’t have any feeling of orgasm either, these techniques, with some others I had since learnt, had all contributed for me to heal and feel my own body again.

This is how I became excited to learn and understanding more on healing the body, sexually, mindset, and conscious awareness. Now with skills on Sex Coaching, Bodywork, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies, Sacred Sexuality and how powerful the mind and genital connection is. This journey has ignited my passion is to help women and men reconnect with their own sexuality, starting first with their relationship with themselves. My studies continue with Sex Coach U , Sweet Medicine and Bodywork.